merge midwest opportunity zone fund

Urban planning that makes a ‘small town’ feel a little more like a big city

what we do

We partner with progressive communities to curate, build, and sustain urban areas for people.


We engage community to refine mixed-use development projects that connect and enhance the area’s existing assets. Every project is unique; designed to reflect the area’s history and its aspirations.


Our developments are built for long-term ownership. We pay special attention to designs that drive both affordability and environmental sustainability.


We retain property management and leasing services in-house. This model allows us to enhance both the value and attention we provide our residents and retail tenants.

Built for People

Finally, our mission is to create developments for people. We believe downtowns are special and they should be enjoyed in different ways, at different times of day, by all ages. Our team is committed to people-first development – our designs and program facilitate vibrant, 24/7 urban cores that are safe, enjoyable, and both generationally and demographically diverse. We prioritize factors that foster walkability because we believe it is a simple and powerful determinant of public health, safety, affordability, and ultimately, economic opportunity.

“According to the US Department of Agriculture, the cooling impact of a single healthy tree is equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating 24 hours a day.”

Jeff Speck



Target Markets

  • Qualified Opportunity Zones
  • Midwest cities
  • Populations < 150,000
  • Communities with presence of higher-ed
  • Downtowns with connections to natural resource assets


  • Solar panels
  • Passive strategies
  • Electric charging
  • Sustainable components

Tenant Partnerships

Coming soon!