Jill Kraayenbrink

Executive Assistant

jill kraayenbrink merge urban development group


University of Northern Iowa
Since 2009, Jill Kraayenbrink has worked with Merge’s managing partner Brent Dahlstrom, and officially came on board when Merge Urban Development was founded in 2018. She started out in property management and slowly moved to more administrative work for multiple entities Brent was involved in.

Over the last few years the majority of Jill’s day to day tasks consist of managing the commercial and residential construction loans. She works with the banks to ensure all the projects are within budget by overseeing all income and invoices. Jill also works with the contractors to make sure that all payments are made correctly and on time.

Outside of work, Jill enjoys spending time with her family and playing with her goldendoodle, Jack! She loves being active by running and working out with friends. When it’s time to relax, her favorite hobby is reading a good book with a glass of wine.
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