Merge was founded in 2018 in response to the Investment in Opportunity Act as a development platform for urban core, mixed-use projects in overlooked markets in the Midwest. The founding partners identified the federal initiative as an efficiently-designed connector of the vital resources and skill sets necessary to generate both compelling financial returns and meaningful impact through real estate.
A guiding principle of Merge and its affiliates’ approach to communities is collaboration. In-depth community engagement was identified as a necessary element to untapping potential in the overlooked areas selected as Qualified Opportunity Zones. The team embraced collaboration of stakeholders and drove the notion that blurring distinctions between spaces, ideas, and people would deliver enjoyable, financially attainable, and safe built environments for people.


  1.  Tertiary market experience and proof of concept
  2. Team of Opportunity Zone professionals has been active in the space since the program's inception
  3. Midwest-based working in Midwest communities
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