Owner's Representative


2008 BA GIS & History - University of Northern Iowa

Wes Bruns serves as an Owner's Representative at Merge. He manages all aspects of Merge’s development and construction projects. This includes obtaining building permits, evaluating large proposals, developing and executing construction master plans, facilitating and ensuring compliance with construction laws and performing on-site inspections. Wes is involved with all aspects of the project's life cycle (development, design, and construction).

Wes has worked specifically in the construction space for more than five years. Starting out, Wes had worked with Brent (Managing Partner) since 2009 at Dolly’s tickets. After moving into the construction side of business, he started with a 10-plex community in Waverly with small commercial buildings and tenant build-outs. He then moved to large multi-family and mixed-use projects as part of the Echo Development Team. Wes has worked hard to drive a culture of diligence and efficiency by collecting bids and comparing subcontractor scopes of work, managing construction material ordering and subcontractors, scheduling, coordinating inspections, and coordinating tenant move-ins. In addition to construction, he has a background in Automotive GPS and mapping division at Garmin International, and tax credit submissions/closeouts.

Wes has strong leadership and decision making skills which makes him the perfect Owner’s Representative to advocate for Merge. Wes is a highly motivated individual with many years of experience in different fields of construction. Although he brings many different skill sets to the team, he most enjoys collaborating with construction and design team members to turn over high grade finished products to owners while being financially conscious.

Wes resides in Waverly, IA with his wife Staci and five children (2 daughters & 3 sons). Wes is very involved with his children's lives and sporting activities. When he’s not spending time with family or coaching, you’ll find him watching movies, working on his vegetable garden, and doing yard work.
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